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Just 10 minutes of walking a week will prolong your life

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10 minutes of walking a week will prolong your lifeA new study released in the UK this week shows that just 10 minutes of walking a week will prolong your life and significantly reduce the chances of an early death by nearly 20%.

The research was published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine online. It shows that even low level exercise done for a short period every week is enough to lower the risks of dying from heart disease, cancer or any other causes.

The study is hugely relevant against other research that shows the average Briton spends twice as long on the toilet per week than exercising. Further research across Europe shows that almost 40% of adults do no physical activity at all.

The researchers used data from studies done in the US between 1997 and 2008  including 88,140 people. They then linked that data to registered deaths during that time and up to 2011. Compared to those people who were inactive, those who did only moderate activity like walking for between 10 and 59 minutes per week were 18% less likely to die prematurely from any health related causes.

Meanwhile, as duration and intensity of exercise increased, the likelihood of premature death became even less likely.

Research author Dr Bo Xi, of Shandong University in China, said: “The study also showed that individuals who participated in vigorous physical activities had significantly lower risk of death than those who only did light or moderate physical activity.

“People short of time should consider more vigorous activities.”

So if just 10 minutes of walking per week can get you a 20% increase in longevity, imagine what just a single session of personal training, tailored to you, that you can’t put off and might actually enjoy, would do for you.

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