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Kettlebell Training-Some other Benefits

By May 28, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Training with kettlebells (especially with a Diets Don’t Work personal trainer) has lots of other benefits too. The dynamic control needed to initiate, accelerate and decelerate a kettlebell swing at speed relates to many sports and helps to develop shoulder/hip strength, stability and flexibility. Their value in improving co-ordination is also good for sports performance. Flexibility is also an area in which the bells are helpful. Having a good static range of motion may be an indicator of flexibility but does not necessarily transfer the to the flexibility requirements of everyday movements of during sports performance (Krearmer and Gomez, 2001). Many kettlebell lifts are completed through larger ranges of motion than those provided by other training methods. This will better encourage the more movement based flexibility that we all require. Paul Check also praises kettlebell training for it’s benefits in weight loss and fat reduction, and highlights their increase of metabolic rate and stimulation of calorific expenditure.

One of the other really good things about this method of exercise and personal training is that it raises the heart rate greatly through PHA (peripheral heart action) and so is a great all rounder. In general, regular physival activity has been shown to improve health, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of coronary disease. As kettlebell lifts are energy demanding they provide good overload for the cardio-vascular system; sessions can also be designed to target specific energy systems, oxygen, lactate and creatine phosphate. See the “energy systems” pdf on the knowledge page.

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