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Kettlebell Training; The Benefits

By May 11, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Not only are kettlebells a fabulous tool for the home personal training environment, they can be used to improve and develop all the components of fitness, in particular they are good for a combination of strength and flexibility. They can be used to improve

  • Strength and power
  • hypertrophy (muscle size)
  • muscle endurance
  • functional abilties
  • core stability
  • sports performance
  • body composition (the all important fat loss!)
  • cardiovascular fitness

Considered by some as “old school” in terms of developing strength and power they are nonetheless a very effective tool. Russian scientists (Vinogradov and Lukyanov, 1986) found a very high correlation between the results posted in a kettlebell competition and a wide range of tests of physical capabilities; strength, measured with the 3 power lifts and grip strength; strength endurance, measured with pull ups and parallel bar dips; general endurance measured by a 1k run; work capacity and balance, measured by special tests.

Kettlebell exercises promote nervous system adaptations to increase strength and mobility (Neupert, 2007) while developing motor skills such as balance and co-ordination. All of these aspects are integrated into all personal training sessions with our personal trainers, but the kettlebel is a tool that can do all of them at once. In the next blog I will be having a look at the improvements to be had in grip strength.  

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