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Latest news – type O blood may reduce fertility

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We all know that mums going in to conception, pregnancy and beyond have a higher chance of success if they are fit and functionally strong. At Diets Don’t Work we provide pre and post natal personal training through London and Berkshire and have had lots of happy, fit births (and mums). Studies on Pre natal training have shown that it leads to shorter labour and heavier birth weights, while post natal training can help to repair any damage done to your abdominal wall (diastasis recti) and get you back to your pre birth weight. There is now even more reason to be fit and well if you are trying to conceive as your blood type may make it more difficult.

Researchers in the US recruited over 560 women with an average age of 35 who were undergoing fertility treatments and tested their blood for levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). High levels of this chemical messenger are an indicator of a diminishing egg count. They found that women with the blood type O  (possessed by 40% of the UK  population) were twice as likely to have abnormally high levels of FSH than women of other blood groups. Tony Rutherford of the British Fertility Society said that this was the first time that a link had been found between blood type and fertility. Scientists welcomed the findings but said that there was more research needed before they would advise type O women to try and concieve at an earlier age. If you are interested in the pre and post natal personal trainer service that we do have a look at our pre natal training page on the site.

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