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MBTs come out on top

By August 17, 2010 February 19th, 2012 No Comments

A recent survey covered all the latest shoes that claim to improve posture and muscle tone. Since the release of MBT shoes (the first shoe of this type on the market in the UK and the most recognised) in the UK competitors have been relatively slow to follow on with rival products. However in the last 12 months many major shoe manufacturers from Addidas to Nike have jumped on the bandwagon and brought our shoes with rounded soles similar to MBTs and with similar claims.

Although some of the shoes do seem to work the scientific backing is most evident with the MBTs. Proper studies have shown that these shoes make you walk in a more upright position, working the glutes, hamstrings and quads more than ordinary shoes while taking pressure off the knee joint and also strengthening the muscles around the knee.

Many of our personal trainer clients wear these shoes, and although they may not be the most fashionable items they really do seem to work. Of course fancy footwear should only be a supplement to healthy eating and proper structured exercise including resistance training.

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