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Men are catching up with Women

By March 25, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

The life expectancy gap is closing according to new research in America, and husbands can expect to live as long as their wives in as little as 2 generations.Traditionally men have had a shorter life expectancy than women due to to stresses imposed by jobs in industry, soldiering and other masculine pressures; men also tended to be more resistant to health advice. But with the West broadly at peace, jobs in heavy industry in decline and more men taking better care of themselves, male life expectancy is starting to increase at a faster rate. In 1981 British men lived to an average age of 70.8 and women to 76.8, a difference of 6 years.

Now the difference is just over 4 years, with women expected to live to 81.5 and men to 77.2. Scientists in Atlanta predict that if the trend continues then the gender gap will have vanished for all people born after 2035.

Of course you can also hugely increase your chances of living longer by stopping smoking,having a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. One of our success stories (Nick) has seen his calculated biological age fall by 15 years over the course of 2 years of personal training with us at Diets Don’t Work. This is worked out by his yearly health check and ECG for his health insurance, it’s not just a figure that we made up!! 

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