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Nanny Knows Best

By June 21, 2010 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Many of us think that attempts by the government to make our lives safer (health and safety) is nannying and meddling. But when it comes to smoking it seems that nanny really does know best. New research has revealed that one year after the ban on smoking was introduced (2007) the number of people admitted into UK hospitals with heart attacks fell by 1,200 or 2.4%. Other studies have found that in the year after the ban was imposed two billion fewer cigarettes were smoked, and more than 4000,000 people stopped smoking. Researchers estimated that over 10 years this would prevent 40,000 deaths from lung cancer, heart disease and other smoking related conditions.

Exercise also plays a vital role in prevention of these diseases, and even if you are a smoker exercise can help prevent the onset of disease. It can also highlight how unfit smoking has made you, which is a great encouragement to stop. I would also strongly recommend the Allen Carr “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” book or lectures. Several of our personal trainer clients in London and Berkshire have successfully stopped using this method.

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