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New study into obesity

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A new U.S. study into obesity shows that once we start to eat bad things it can be hard to stop! The discovery of another way in which the body appears to control how much it eats could shed fresh light on obesity. US researchers said poor diets may trigger a signalling system which prompts the body to consume even more. When the signals – involving a protein linked to inflammation – were blocked in mice, they maintained normal weight. A UK expert warned that the finding, in the journal Cell, may not lead to an effective anti-obesity drug because it could interfere with the immune system.

The complexity of the controls governing the human metabolism, appetite and the laying down of fat has become clear over recent years. Despite some promising experiments in animals, none has yet produced a breakthrough in the battle against obesity. The latest “pathway” under investigation, by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is normally associated with the immune system and inflammation, one of the body’s defence systems.

At Diets Don’t Work we have all sighed and shaken our heads once again. The best way to stay trim and sexy is simple to exercise more in a structured manner, including all the components of fitness, and eat with moderation. We are not angels all the time, but as we constantly advise our personal training clients, try to follow the 80/20 rule; be a saintly eater for 80% of the time, exercise well, and so for 20% of the time you can let it go a bit more. Go to the how we do it section of our website to read more.

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