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Not toning up? Resistance training tips

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So you’ve gone to the gym, bought lots of weights or have a personal trainer. You seem to be doing all the right things but it does not seem to be making any diference. Where are your shapely arms? There are many reasons why this is the case. In the last blog we looked at the benefits of doing larger compound movements in training (exercises that work over 2 joints). Today let’s look at the number of repetitions.

Every time that you do resistance training you should be doing an exercise close to failure, or at the very least until it gets really hard. Now this point may come after 20 repetitions, or it may come after 4 – it all depends on the amount of resistance that you are using. Getting the weight right, so that you can only do the correct amount of repetitions until it gets really hard is vital. How many repetitions you do depends on your goal. If you are just starting out or are looking to build endurance then try to do 15-20 repetitions. If you want to tone up (muscles have the appearance of firmness) then try to do 12-14. If you want your muscles to get bigger then try to get to the point of overload at 8-12 reps. If it’s pure strength that you want to improve then try 4-6 reps. You can go lower on the reps but this is getting close to your 1 rep max and should only be done by experienced and thoroughly warmed up athletes.

Getting the amount of resistance right can take a bit of experimentation, but be patient, do it right, and you should start to see some changes in 4-6 weeks.

Go for it!!

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