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Obesity crisis widens

By February 21, 2014 No Comments

Britain’s obesity crisisConcern grew over the past 2 weeks for the state of Britain’s health and the obesity crisis with the publication of a report showing that in some English towns nearly 75% of the population is overweight. The fattest county was named as Cumbria with 68% of residents being overweight or obese. Next on the list was Linconshire closely followed by North Yorkshire and Staffordshire. All of these three showed a whopping 67% of inhabitants as being overweight.

Most of the fattest districts are North of the Wash; in the Cumbrian area of Copeland, 75% of people are classed as overweight; in Doncaster, South Yorkshire 74%; East Lindsey in Linconshire showed a 74% rate of obesity.

Some southern counties also showed similar rates of obesity with both Essex and Somerset having high rates.

However London was found to have a much lower ratio of fat people; Kensington and Chelsea has 45% with a smiler percentage throughout the city. In the UK as a whole the percentage of the population classed as being overweight currently stands at 63%, reports BBC online.

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