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Old Habits Die Hard

By February 19, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Old habits die hard it would seem; just as I was giving up hope for a few personal training clients who I had not seen for a while (one of them for 18 months!) up they pop like a perennial spring would seem that they can only go without personal training for so long…or maybe it’s just my own personal witty repartee?

So it’s a big welcome back to CV in Slough. who was doing so well but then let romantic issues get in the way, I’m sure that we can get that waistline down again. Welcome back too to Wendy in Egham, you can see some of her efforts on our success stories page. She took a bit of time off to look after her new baby boy, and now that she is a bit more organised and rested I hope she can still do a push up! Finally welcome back to my personal trainer client from Eton Judy H, looking forward to you hiding every time someone you know from Eton goes by as we are doing lunges in the meadow, or as you like to call it “giggling in the bushes”.

It just goes to show that personal training really does work, and that even although you may be able to hold things togther physically on your own it’s much more fun and results will come much more quickly with a trainer!

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