Tailored TrainingSetting goals that are right for you

A first principle of the Diets Don’t Work Method is that we always start by discussing with clients what their goals are and often find ourselves helping to more clearly define and recognise them. These goals should be tangible, realistic and hence achievable.

We then design a personal training and nutrition programme for you around these goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fitter, gain weight or improve your sports performance, we will look at the best way of structuring your one-on-one sessions to address them. You may want to improve in more than one area, so we will design your sessions to include everything that you need.

Our comprehensive initial assessment takes a detailed look at your past and how this led to your present situation, gives us a clear idea of your current level of fitness and also ensures that you are safe to begin an exercise regime.

More “turn up – train – leave”  gym based training

Typically a gym-based trainer sees you for an hour or two a week, you train and then you go home. It’s difficult for them to get a real picture of what you’re doing outside of the sessions. But with home visits our trainers develop a much more personal relationship with clients. We can really see what’s going on in their life and better understand work, family and social commitments/pressures. This enables us to make sure that your goals are realistic while your training, nutrition and homework fit into your life and are achievable.

Train at a level you are comfortable with

The intensity of the sessions is also carefully matched to your ability. Don’t worry if you feel faint after climbing the stairs. Although you do need to work hard to get fitter, we will start at a level you’re comfortable with and progress you from there.