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Personal Trainer in Leeds

By December 11, 2008 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

We have recently expanded to cover the Leeds area for personal training. Why take personal training to Leeds? Our training director Adam Atkinson, although originally born and brought up in Barbados, returned to Yorkshire aged 12 to go to school and University in Yorkshire, attending school in York and then doing his BA at the university of Leeds. “My mum is actually from Morley, a Leeds suburb, and my dad is from Ripon, so coming back here from Barbados was not as weird as you might think. Having qualified with Premier as a personal trainer, and then gaining succes with Diets Don’t Work personal training in London and the Thames valley, Leeds seemed like the natural place to take our philosophy. Lots of my best friends still live there, we have contacts with with Premier, the main personal trainer provider in Leeds, and it’s such a progressive fun city. As the second largest banking city outside London there is also a large market that can benefit fro the DDW method of healthy living and exercise.”

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