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Personal trainer inflicted shuttle run bonanza in Maidenhead

By September 30, 2010 February 19th, 2012 No Comments

As I have pointed out in many of my riveting blogs, interval training is both time efficient and very effective in burning calories and making you fitter. It’s also a great way of inflicting pain (sorry, discomfort in personal trainer lingo) on wayward clients. I have used the threat of 10 400m intervals with  1 minute recovery on my personal training client in Maidenhead Helen to ensure that she meets a (realistic) waistline target that we both agreed on 6 weeks ago. Tomorrow is the deadline. So if she has been a good girl and has an even trimmer waist then we will do some kettlebell training. If not then it’s off to Braywick Park for the intervals. Watch this space for the result!!

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