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Personal Trainer sessions in Maidenhead at Braywick

By May 9, 2011 December 15th, 2011 No Comments

A great feature of Maidenhead is the outdoors running track and sports facility at Braywick Park. Free for residents to use, the gravel 400m track is a great resource for personal trainer sessions with clients looking to improve anaerobic fitness and running pace. Due to the measurable nature of the circuit it gives the personal trainer an exact measure of anaerobic threshold, aerobic threshold and allows for training in exactly the correct zone for rapid improvements in cardio-vascular fitness.

This type of traning is of great value even to personal training clients not focussing on running but who just want to get fitter and lighter. Again, as the exercise is outdoors there are added benefits over exercising indoors especially in terms of mental wellbeing. Examples of intervals we use on the running track are 8 sets of 400m at 80% of maximum output to build speed and anaerobic endurance. As we often say to our clients, if you want to get faster at running, you need to practice by running fast!! Contact us to arrange a consultation and some fun outdoors sessions on a real Olympic size running track.

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