Personal Trainer in Virginia WaterTrain in the privacy of your own home

Wouldn’t you love it if you didn’t have to go to a gym? Diets Don’t Work Personal Trainers come to you and the sessions take place in the privacy of your home or garden. We can do sessions in any home and only need a small amount of space to work in. Kitchens, living rooms and garages are all equally effective, with just a bit of creativity and the right equipment. If you have steps in the house we can use, so much the better! Unlike going to a gym, there are no membership fees for Diets Don’t Work. You only pay for the time spent with your trainer. You don’t waste your time getting there and back and there is no need for you to feel self conscious.

Insight into your lifestyle

Our home visits give our trainers a unique and personal insight into your lifestyle. We get to know our clients’ family, pets, friends, eating habits, working hours and stress levels. We get a much better feel for your eating patterns to see how we can help you take a more sensible approach to nutrition. The more we know about what’s happening in your life, the stronger a position we are in to create beneficial changes.

Outdoors training

A big part of the Diets Don’t Work Method is outdoors training. We encourage clients to have their sessions in gardens, courtyards and parks as much as possible. Why?  Many studies have shown that outdoors exercise is better for you than working out indoors. It produces greater physical and psychological benefits, releases more feel-good endorphins and requires more energy and hence burns more calories, especially in lower temperatures. It provides a welcome break from your everyday routine, gets you out into the fresh air and is a great way to train. Our innovative equipment is transportable and effective – we are also experts in creatively using the natural terrain or park furniture to run challenging but fun outdoors sessions.

Pet and child-friendly personal training

Many of our sessions are attended by Wilson and Ryder, our very well behaved labrador assistants. In most situations children and pets are welcome; we’ve done sessions with babies in prams, dogs with tennis balls, teenagers in tow and cats climbing up curtains. Some holiday sessions see one on one training morph into full family bootcamps.