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Personal Training at Home-Kettlebells

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One of the most versatile tools we use in home personal training is the kettlebell. While considered by many as a modern phenomenon, endorsed by celebrity personal trainers and used in many top flight personal training studios kettlebells are in fact steeped in history and are long established training tools. The kettlebell is used by many including athletes, sports teams, mixed martial arts, strength athletes, power lofters, military forces including special forces and everyday gym goers. kettlebell exercises or lifts are very effective for a wide variety of fitness goals including developing strength, fitness, power, muscle endurance, flexibility, motor skills, fat loss and much more.

Great for a wide spectrum of personal training clients kettlebells provide a training system that isd highly adaptable, cheap, easy to learn, fun and quite unique. Many kettlebell techniques can carry over into other training mediums although for many once they have tried them and achieved positive results they become kettle bell devotees and are hooked for life. Over the  next few blogs I will be having a look at the history and training techniques for kettlebells.

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