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Post Natal Depression Personal Training Tips and New Research

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It’s a debilitating condition that affects one in 10 mothers says the Daily Telegraph, but it’s poorly understood and often goes undiagnosed and untreated. Yet post-natal depression can actually be predicted with up to 75% accuracy according to researchers at the university of California at Irvine. The key indicator is they say the level of a hormone in the placenta 25 weeks into pregnancy; the higher the level of the hormone known as CRH, the more likely it is that the pregnant women will suffer from depression after giving birth.The researchers believe that if their study, which looked at the experiences of 100 mothers pre and post-natal, is backed up by larger surveys, a test for hormone levels during pregnancy could become standard procedure. However they warned that a high level of CRH is only one indicator for post-natal depression; others included the more common sensical issues of stress, lack of family support, anda history of mental illness. Last year a study found that women who give birth to boys are more likely to sufer from post-natal depression that those who gave birth to girls.

As it happens, great and medically proven cures for all of the above conditions are exercise and good all round nutrition; as nearly all our personal trainers in London and the Thames Valley are pre and post natal qualified  at REPS level 3 we can really really help to get you back into shape both mentally and physically after your big day. There are many myths about pre and post natal personal training/exercise but the truth of the matter is that provided that you had a normal birth, you can start doing some gentle personal training nearly straight away; how do you think those stars get their figures back so quickly? Similarly, pre-natal training can go right up to the birth, and be reasonably challenging, provided that you have a good level of fitness going into the pregnancy. My own personal trainer client in Holyport is booked in to have a C-section on Thursday, and has not mised a session during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, and is due to train tomorrow (yes, the day before!!) provided that she does not chicken out! As a result her legs/arms/shoulders are still very trim and she will find it much easier after the birth to get back to where she was before it, having a speedier and less traumatic recovery.

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