Pre-natal health: mother’s milk at bedtime

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New mothers who express breast milk during the day and feed it to their babies at bedtime may be depriving their infant and themselves a good night’s sleep, reports the Daily Telegraph recently. Scientists have discovered that the composition of breast milk changes “quite markedly” throughout the day, and that ingredients in the milk that stimulate the central nervous system are found in highest concentrations during the day, while the most relaxing doses are found between 8pm and 8am.

“You wouldn’t give anyone a coffee at night, and the same is true of daytime milk,” said Cristina Sanchez of the university of Extremadura. “breast milk has daytime specific ingredients that stimulate activity in the infant, and other night time components that help the baby to rest.”

She advises therefore that if mothers are feeding their babies expressed milk it should be given at more or less the same time that it was expressed.

Overall health of course both during and after pregnancy is very important. Some basic fitness before getting pregnant will also put new mums in good stead.Fitter mums tend to have shorter and less stressful births, and have predominantly healthy weights. Healthy mum leads to healthy baby! Being fit and doing some structured pre natal exercise also really helps to get weight back to normal, and of course a fit mum is all the stronger for hefting heavy babies and accoutrements too!

All our personal trainers in London, Maidenhead  and Windsor are all pre natal trained, so some PT might be just the thing for you if you want to be prepared well.

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