Recommendation 2: Rosemary Conley

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Like Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley targets weight loss with realistic weekly targets (remember the upper safe limit for permanent weight loss is around 2lbs per week) and also with a two sided approach, i.e you’re not just focused on eating well/less, but on eating well while exercising more. It also provides a group environment and is more exercise orientated than Weight watchers, which of course we approve of!

There are weekly half hour classes which are both a weigh in, gee up chat and also a 1/2 hour exercise class which is voluntary. Price-wise it’s good value at £10 for membership and around a fiver per class. The portion pots are also a good way of making sure you are eating not only the right things but also in the right quantities. So overall we approve.

Don’t forget though that your very best chance of success is with a tailor made set of sessions with a one-on-one personal trainer. Having a personal trainer means that you are committed to a few hours a week of properly constructive exercise designed specifically for you.

Remember we are not just based in Berkshire but also cover London and the Thames valley, from the city through Windsor, the M4 corridor, Maidenhead and Reading. Next this week some eating plans we are NOT too keen on…and why!

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