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Repairing the damage of smoking

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Those smokers who quit, even in later life, may be able to repair their cardiovascular health in as little as 8 years, a new study has shown. Studies in the past have shown that it takes longer; it was previously thought that 15 years was needed to reduce the ex-smoker’s chances of  death from cardiovascular disease to become the same as a non-smokers.

But a new study that tested candidates who were 65 years or older and who had smoked fewer than 32 “pack years” found that for half of them the damage only took 8 years be healed. (A pack year is a formula to work out how much someone has smoked over time. It’s the multiple of the number of cigarettes smoked a day by the number of years smoked. So 10 cigarettes a day over ten years would be 100 pack years).

Despite the healing process the ex-smokers still had a greater risk of cancer and emphysema than those who had never smoked. And those who had smoked more than 32 pack years had higher risks of death from any health condition.

Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death in the world, but id you smoke, “stop early” says professor Ali Ahmed of the University of Alabama who led the study.

In a separate study, researchers in South Korea found that the effects of passive smoking are also worse than expected. Even the outdoor air quality 30 feet away from a smoker is worse and contains significantly raised levels of fine particle pollutants the research showed.


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