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Resistance Training; Repetition Maximum (RM)

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We continue today with the full monty on resistance training, so you will know what to do to be strong, fit and slimmer! Repetition maximum is the maximum number of repetitions at a given resistance that can be performed in a set with proper technique (Fleck, et al, 1997). 1RM means the maximum weight that can be lifted once; this is effectively a measure of maximum muscular strength. Don’t worry, it’s only really done on very strong  and fit athletes who have built up to it. If you are a 40 something lady we won’t make you do one in your first personal training session! A 1-15 RM target would mean that the momentary muscle fatigue (so when you get shakey) should sit in between the 10th and 15th repetitions. This would be perfect if you were trying to get some muscle tone going and increase your metabolic rate to make you slimmer! RM is is usually used as a guide for the load or weight while doing resistance training. Remember that everything you need to be fit and slim is on our web site, just have a look at our knowledge page, or if you don’t think you have the motivation contact us for some one on one personal training if you are in London or the Thames Valley.

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