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Resistance training tips

By December 3, 2010 January 7th, 2012 No Comments

Today we continue with our series of pieces on resistance training and why you might not be getting results. We have already looked at the correct number of repetitions and the right type of exercises, today we examine the role of equipment. One of your problems may be that you are relying too much on machines. Resistance machines are super for beginners or for injury rehabilitation because they place the body in the correct position where the chances of injury are very small. They also ensure the correct back position and help you to get the resistance right as they are so easily adjustable. This means however that the smaller muscles that stabilise your joints when lifting free weights have nothing to do really, so they will not grow stronger or bigger. This in turn means that when you want to progress to compound moves and heavier weights you will be hampered by this lack of strength in the synergists, as these small muscles are known.You will also be putting yourself at risk of injury. So try to use free weights as soon as possible, starting light and then progressing from there.

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