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Resistance Training-Volume

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Many people doing resistance training focus most on lifting heavier weights and feel that it’s vitally important to push to failure, or until you can’t do any more weight or push it up one more time. This training to failure has it’s place, but what’s more important, especially for the ladies doing weights in their personal training sessions (that’s all of them then) is volume of work. Volume is the total amount of repetitions performed in a session or the total amount of weight lifted in one session (load). Some definitions include volume as the amount of work done in a week, month, or some other defined period. There is a strong relationship between volume and achieving goals.

So it’s much better to do 4 sets of squats to the point where it becomes really hard for the last few (loss of form) than to do 2 to total failure so that you can’t do any more at all, and then lose motivation or are too tired to do any more. This volume of sets is also very important in the toning and hypertrophy aspects of resistance training. Many people in the gym or class or at home do 1-2 sets of an exercise, but in effect for toning you should be doing 2 to 6 sets on a given muscle group and doing this 1-3 times a week. Within your own time frame and life balance, the more the merrier of course.

Remember to have a look at our fact sheets on all of this on the knowledge page and if you can’t do it on your own then you could always enlist the help of a personal trainer!!

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