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Richmond Park, a great place to get fit with Stephen our local personal trainer

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The largest green space in london at over 1000 acres Richmond Park has changed little over the centuries and, although it is surrounded by human habitation, the varied landscape of hills, woodland gardens and grasslands set among ancient trees abounds in wildlife. The Park has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a National Nature Reserve. The royal connections to this park probably go back further than any of the others, beginning with Edward (1272-1307), when the area was known as the Manor of Sheen. The name was changed to Richmond during Henry VII’s reign. 

At weekends and during holiday periods, the Park frequently attracts visitors for informal sports. For many, the extent of sporting activity during their visit is limited to a kickabout with a football or a game of French cricket before or after a picnic. For others, the attraction is the network of roads and designated paths for cycling. In season, the wooded areas and hill climbs in the Park offer unrivalled opportunities this close to Central London for orienteering and cross-country running. How fortunate that our personal trainer Stephen (his profile is on our meet the trainers page) just so happens to be a running expert as well as holding the excellent Dip PT from Premier global. The park makes for a great outdoors personal training session, and a typical hour with a personal trainer might be a warm up for 5-10 minutes consisting of some walking, dynamic stretching and compound bodyweight exercises designed to turn on all your muscle groups, then some running/walking intervals (faster running interspersed with slower running if you are a bit more advanced).  You could then do some resistance training in a circuit format, with some kettlebell exercises and some pad boxing. Finish up with some static stretching where your personal trainer stretches you and you get to feel like an A-lister! All is the most scenic, holistic and green surroundings that London has to offer

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