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Running and a sore achillies

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Running is a great way to get fit and lose weight. The impact and challenge of running provide one of the best adaptive persuaders to your body – it want to be slim and trim to be efficient at what you are asking of it. ust look at the physique of any middle distance runner.

However, as with any sport, there can be common injuries, especially if you are not having enough recovery, have unsuitable or old footwear or start a running regime too quickly. One of the most common problems can be with the Achilles tendon. This joins the heel and underside of the foot to the lower leg (calf). Pain and inflamation, as well as strains and sprains are not uncommon. The best cure for these injuries in the initial stages is of course rest, ice elevation and compression. Moving frrward into the remodelling phase of injury (48 hurs to three weeks afterwards) and beyond you can prevent further recurrence with some simple calf raises. Sometimes known as heel drops this exercise will strengthen the calf and achillies, providing support.

How to do it: Stand on a step or raised platform with your right knee fully extended and your heel raised off the edge of the step. Support yourself on the stair railing or a chair with your arms if you are using a step or raised platform. slowly lower the heel to below horizontal, and then slowly push up onto the toes again. Try to do this for 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions, once or twice a day for 12 weeks.

Heel raises can prevent running injuries to the Achillies and lower leg.

Flexibility is also important; muscle fibres that are long, flexible and properly aligned with tensile stress placed upon the muscles are much more likely to stay injury free. have a look on our flexibility for mobility page for lower leg/calf stretches.

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