Save the world with curry

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Curry spices could play a critical role in the battle to prevent global warming by reducing the vast amounts of greenhouse gasses emitted by agricultural animals like cows and sheep. Based on laboratory research, a team at the University of Newcastle concludes that adding the spices to the animals’ diet could reduce the amount of methane produced in their stomachs by up to 40%. It is believed that the spices kill off the gut bacteria that create the gas. Methane emissions from livestock (farting, basically) has been estimated to make uo 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Now don’t get the wrong idea here and think that you can help by going out and having lots of curry. According to the Diets Don’t Work personal trainer advice bureau you should of course only have a curry as a special treat and be sure to do lots of exercise to counteract the huge calorific input. The nation’s favourite dish, chicken tikka masala, with pilau rice and a plain nan, contains on average 1,338 calories. It also has more fat in it than you should eat in a whole day. So proceed with moderation.

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