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Should I stretch before exercise?

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Traditionally, stretching (static stretching in particular) has been done before exercise. However modern studies show that stretching when the muscles are not fully warmed up has no benefits for injury prevention, and can even be detrimental. Like a rubber band or car tyre, heat greatly increases the elasticity of muscle fibres, so the best time to stretch is when you are really well warmed up. Now this is not to say that stretching should not be done before exercise, just don’t do it very first thing in a routine or session. Warm up conventionally starting slowly for a few minutes then increasing the pace (walking, jogging, using a CV machine etc) and then when warm stretch. As your heart rate will have fallen during the stretching you now need to re-heat as we like to call it at Diets Don’t Work by doing another mini warm up. Dynamic stretches are also excellent after this mini re-heat warm up. A full more focused static stretch should be done after¬†exercise. Good luck! Remember that with all our personal trainers you get the rock star stretch treatment where the trainer stretches you as opposed to doing it yourself.

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