Smoking: how to stop

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A new BBC feature debuts tomorrow (August 01) called “make my body younger”. In this show a young trainee doctor gives her advice on how to stop smoking. From the outset it’s obvious that this lady has never smoked: her methods of stopping include cutting down, keeping a diary of how much you are smoking, joining a stopping group and using nicotine substitutes.

As a personal trainer you may find this hard to believe but I used to smoke lots and never thought I could possibly do without it. I used to wake up and reach for a cigarette which I would then suck down in the shower. First things first, you are either a smoker or a non-smoker. There is no in between. Suggestions of cutting down just make the few cigarettes you can now allow yourself increase in value and importance. Using nicotine replacement therapy does statistically help, but do you think it would be wise to give an alcoholic an alcohol drip to help his cravings? It is my belief that those who stop using this method stop DESPITE the replacement therapy.

If you are serious about stopping there is only one proper way – stop putting them in your mouth. The best way to do this is to go immediately to an Allen Carr clinic, read his “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” book or get the CD. His method breaks the mental addiction and so frees you from the physical one. When you stop it’s not with a sense of doom and gloom but with the feeling that you are free, and can finally see through the juggler’s trick. This is not a plug,  I read the book and have not smoked since.

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