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So, what did we Learn in 2008?

By January 8, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

There were many health and personal training related stories in 2008, some of them more relevant to staying fit and achieving weight loss than others. Over the next few blogs I’ll be having a look at some of the best ones, and the ones that may help us all to get where we want to be in the future. In the reports I have divided the topics mainly into what’s good for us and what’s bad. You’ll notice that one or two things come up in both categories. As personal trainers we are always trying to explain to clients that nearly all foods are both good and bad for us, and the main thing is to keep it as natural as possible and to have a wide and varied diet based on the wholefoods principle. Have a look at the pdf on our “The Knowledge” page. A classic example is nuts ans seeds. Often recommended as a good snacking option, nuts ans seeds have lots of fibre (good), protein (good) and mono and poly-unsaturated fats (good). However they are very calorie dense (bad!) and so although they are good it should be advised that they be eaten in moderation!

So, what did the scientists say in 2008? On of the perennial topics to come up was water. It goes without saying that water is vital for human function-but there’s no need to drink the sometimes recommended 8 glasses a day. In January a team of scientists decided to investigate the claim, and found no evidence to back it up. The body does require substantial amounts of fluids, and 2.5 litres has been suggest as a sensible allowance, but most of this can be found in food, and much of the rest can take the form of juice, tea, coffee, and even beer, in moderation. If you are exercising reasonably often, particularly if it’s vigorous, as with a personal trainer, the 8 glasses becomes more important, and is also a good way of keeping the all important metabolic rate ticking over. So don’t believe everything you read,make sure you don’t go thirsty, but also don’t drink too much water, as this can also be equally bad for you.

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