So, what should I eat?

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It’s no accident that the leading country in nutritional research is also the most overweight. You guessed it, the U.S.A. This is closely linked to the high amount of processed, fatty, salty, high-energy foods that make up the diet of many Americans. Your body cannot use many elements of these processed foods and some of them are very damaging in the long term. There are also missing many vital nutrients your body needs. Processed foods are very high in calories, and also contain processed fats. These fats are very stable at the molecular level and so are very hard for the body to break down or use. The only place for them to go is into fat storage. The high calorie content of these foods also leads to the common situation of excess or surplus energy – you are eating more than you are expending. This excess energy is stored by your body as fat, just in case a famine is around the corner. Only recently in evolutionary terms did we get organised enough to have supermarkets.

You will probably have guessed by now that the best fuel for a healthy body is the opposite of these man-made foods: a variety of natural foods that have NOT been tampered with by man, and which we have evolved to eat. Eating in this way is called the wholefood diet (or nutrition plan if you like, as we know now diets don’t work!). Over the course of the next few blogs I will be looking at this and how as personal trainers we encourage this wholefood eating along with structured exercise to make clients smaller and happier (as well as healthier!). At Diets Don’t Work all block bookings of 6 or more personal training sessions include help with eating. One of our most successful clients in Ascot/Sunninhill has done incredibly well by just training hard and eating wholefoods wherever possible – you can do it too!!!

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