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Some marathon records to inspire

By April 4, 2011 December 19th, 2011 No Comments

The time is drawing near now and several of our personal trainer clients in Maidenhead and Windsor will be donning their trainers to run a bit over 26 miles in the 2011 London marathon.
To inspire those who may be feeling a bit apprehensive, here are some records..from the London race.
Fastest marathon dressed as a cartoon character: David Ross as Fred Flintstone in 3:07:34.
Fastest marathon by a dalek: Paul Franks in 4:01:46
Best time dressed as a vegetable: Michael Neville (carrot) in 3:09:21
Nippiest runner dressed as a superhero: Martin Inge, aka batman, in 3:01:39.
Fastest marathon dressed as a baby: Tony Audenshaw in 3:13:30
Best time while wearing a 40kg pack was by Gary Homer in 4:54:11.

These times are all very very good, in a costume or not, but remember that they are records. All you need to do is to get round as best you can and then that will be a record for you.
A very special good luck to Lucy in Maidenhead, keep stretching that hamstring, and ironing that ITB.
A big Go On to Helen (also in Maidenhead), iron that ITB even harder, it will all come good on the big day!
If you are interested in completing a marathon then at Diets Don’t Work we do provide personal trainer services for this very purpose, from the duration of your training, to the types of resistance training that will help make it a successful day. If you are happy to go it alone then a training program and nutritional advice might be all you need. Remember that each pound lighter you are when running will gain you extra time each mile!!

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