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Statins-the new wonder drug?

By December 1, 2008 November 28th, 2011 No Comments

Are statins the new wonder drug? Does it mean that you can get away with no exercise, and bin your personal trainer? Statins are already given to millions of people worldwide to lower their cholesterol levels. Now, it seems, they can also halve the risk of heart attack in patients who are seemingly healthy.In a wide ranging study, the “Juipter” trial, , researchers tested the effects of rosuvastatin (Crestor) on almost 18, 000 patients from 26 countries, all of whom had low cholesterol levels but raised levels of an inflammation protein. The scientists expected there to be a moderate improvement in their prospects, but were amazed when it became clear that the statins were reducing the risk of heat attacks by 54% and strokes by 48%. In fact the benefits were so marked hat the trial was stopped early in March. The researchers believe hat the findings could lead to statins being prescribed more widely. However it must be noted that the participants were already at a small risk of heart attack and stroke; the statins simply made a small risk smaller.

This does not mean that we should eschew exercise knowing that there is a pill that will make us less likely to keel over. The benefits of exercise and good nutrition go well beyond preventing these two main killers, and also include hugely improved mental and physical well-being. So don’t cop out, remember that if all else fails and you can’t manage to get going then we can help with a personal trainer in London. 

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