After the birth of my two children I steadily increased my weight until I felt I had to do something before it was too late!

Having tried everything to lose weight, from dieting to the gym, I tried personal training as a last resort. My sessions with Diets Don’t Work have been really fun, challengingand so far very effective. I have been jogging for the first time in years, both with my trainer and on my own as part of my ‘homework’ and now feel confident enough to join a local exercise class as well. I have lost 16 pounds over the course of 8 weeks, and have lost 3 ½ inches from my waist.

More importantly I don’t cover my bottom with a jumper when I go to the shops!

Sally Taylor, Iver Heath

I have had many trainers over the years and have found that my Diets Don’t Work Personal Tainer is the most knowledgeable and informative so far. Our training is fun and interesting, and has helped me maintain my health and fitness. I feel fit and healthy and have improved my bone density with the resistance training.

Greta Morrisson, Holyport

I’ve been training with a DDW trainer for nearly a year now and the results have been great. Steady, sustainable weight loss with realistic personal targets for both weight loss and training . My trainer is very knowledgable and totally supportive. I’ve tried other trainers and never stuck with them because they have been so inflexible. The DDW trainers have a very different and personalised approach.

Elaine Marriner, Maidenhead

Great personal trainer! Has really helped me achieve beyond my goal. Gives you every bit of advice and knowledge you need to get where you want to be. Always there to help if you ever have a question or problem. Does his best to fit me in as I have a child and I can’t always do the set days. Would absolutely recommended diets don’t work personal training!

Lisa, Bracknell

Have been training with Diets Don’t Work for over a year and love it. I do 1 or 2 sessions a week – sessions always varied so don’t get boring and I feel motivated to want to do more. Good nutrition info and guidance too. Highly recommended.

Sophie, Binfield

It has changed my life, after major back surgery, bi polar and absolutely no self confidence, he has shown there is a life!!
Through his happy smiles and gentle teasing, exercise is so important and my goodness does he really make you move!!
I wore a dress for the first time yesterday, and again for the first time I quite liked what I saw!!
I highly recommend him..
A huge thank you ADAM.
Love Portia x

Portia, Maidenhead