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The Benefits of Kettlebell Training-Grip Strength

By May 12, 2009 November 29th, 2011 No Comments

Last blog we looked at the kettlebell and it’s usefulness in developing strength and power, today we will see how it can improve grip strength. Often overlooked, grip strength is hugely important for functional and sports performance training. It can be counter productive to train for strong arms (for a javelin thrower, for example or a rower) but not train grip strength properly. All the power from those bulging biceps will not be transferred properly unless you have proper grip strength. Similarly in everyday live and movements much of what we do involves grip strength in the first phase of lifting something. Think about grip strength when lifting a babies chair or when lifting tons of heavy shopping.

The thick handle of kettlebels demands a strong grip, so using them is an extremely effective way of developing grip and forearm strength. The value of kettlebell training in developing a strong grip is also demonstrated by kettlebell performer John Brookfield who holds the world record for bending a 20 foot half inch diameter steel pipe into a small suitcase in 29 seconds. John can also do 302 kettlebell snatches in a ten minute period with a 24kg bell in the 10 minute snatch test.

Now don’t fret, if you are new to fitness and are looking for a personal trainer in London or the Thames Valley we will not make you do a 10 minute kettlebell test in you first session, the philosophy here at Diets Don’t Work is to start new personal training clients gently, finding their level and progressing from there. 

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