The contradiction of nutrition

By August 19, 2010 February 19th, 2012 No Comments

Nutrition really is a tricky subject. Nearly everything is good and bad all at once; this remains true especially if you have too much of anything. Take fruit for example. Some personal trainers (purists) might say that a client should not have fruit at all, as it contains fruit sugars or fructose. These fruit sugars are easily converted by the digestive system into glycogen (blood fuel) so are more likely to make you fat if you are not being active. This can hamper any weight loss efforts. Yet other trainers (the more practical ones; we fall into this camp) might say that fruit is good, just proceed with caution. Fruit has lots of vitamin C in it, fibre, micro nutrients, and is a whole food. Yes some fruits have quite a lot of calories in them (a banana for example can have 60-80) but they are still healthy if eaten in moderation and if you don’t have too much of any particular one. Just use common sense and remember to keep moving!

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