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Welcome to the knowledge, articles that cover all the major components of health and fitness. Part of the Diets Don’t Work Method is education: passing our knowledge on to clients so that they have all the tools for a long healthy life, whether they are having personal training or not. We really should not have all this information here because if you read all the sections and apply what you have learned you certainly won’t need a personal trainer!

If you have signed up for some sessions we encourage you to read through the knowledge. It will really help make sense of what we are doing with you as well as being a useful reminder that’s always on hand. It will ensure that you get the most out of your sessions. You won’t find this type of information in standard gym literature, much of it includes information that only personal trainers, GPs and nutritionists have access to.

There are also numerous articles, tips and guides featured in our Blog. Discover if you can exercise with a cold, how quickly you lose fitness plus information on hundreds of other topics.

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