The old fashioned approach to weight loss: skipping meals

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You may think that by simply skipping the odd meal you are doing yourself a favor, and that by reducing the amount of calories you take in you will start to lose weight and size. This may well be the case, but in the long run, and for your own mental well-being, it might not be the best policy.

Depending on the overall number of calories you are missing out on, you may trigger starvation response (see previous article) and be turning yourself into a super efficient fat storage machine. You will also possibly start to catabolise muscle (use for fuel), depressing your metabolic rate and lowering the number of calories you need per day.

Skipping meals also has an additional slowing down effect on this all important metabolic rate. Every time you eat your body needs to expend energy in order to convert the raw food stuffs you have just eaten into usable fuel in the blood known as glycogen (or blood sugar). This breaking down of raw foods causes a little boost in your metabolic rate, so each time you eat, although you are taking on calories, you are also missing these little boosts. Many personal trainers and professional body builders talk about the metabolism as being a fire – you need to keep it stoked!!

By eating balanced small meals often you get lots of little bursts in your meabolict rate, plus you ensure that you are not eating excess food in one sitting which is likely to be stored as fat. As a huge bonus you also get to enjoy the feeling of eating often (only a little mind you) and also having even blood sugar levels throughout the day. This means that you will have good energy levels and avoid sugar cravings.

So try not to skip meals, and remember that Diets Don’t Work not only provide personal trainers who are also nutritional therapists, but that once you buy a block booking of 6 personal training sessions (in all areas, London to Maidenhead) you get nutritional help and assessment included in the price. Be good!

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