The register of exercise professionals (REPS for short) is a system of self-regulation for all instructors, coaches, trainers and teachers involved in the exercise and fitness industry. The REPs creates a framework within which individual instructors can achieve the highest standards of professionalism, linked to best practice in the exercise and fitness industry. Registration is achieved and maintained through the gaining of qualifications and training which are nationally recognised and which are linked to the National Occupational Standards for exercise and fitness.

The REPs exists because it is the only way to independently demonstrate that fitness professionals (including personal trainers) are competent and qualified to do their job. The Register is a central feature of the professionalism of the industry that is essential to giving customers, users, the public and partners in the medical professions, the necessary level of confidence in the quality of services provided by fitness professionals.

Registration signifies that an exercise and fitness professional has met certain standards of good practice. The REPs encourages a properly qualified base of exercise professionals who:

  1. have gained recognised and approved qualifications.
  2. can demonstrate competence in their working environment.
  3. are committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  4. have appropriate public liability insurance for the level at which they are working.
  5. demonstrate commitment to the industry Code of Ethical Practice.

At Diets Don’t work all our trainers are members of the register at the top level, level 3, which means they are qualified both as Sports Therapy Practitioners and as Personal Trainers qualified to train special needs population groups, including obese, diabetic, elderly, arthritic and hypertensive clients. This post was in answer to a question about our trainer qualifications from a prospective personal trainer client in Sunningdale, so I hope I’ve answered it properly!