Things they said were bad for us in 2008

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Although coffee has been in our list of things that are good for you, like so many things nutrition related everything is always a bit of a compromise, and quite often conflicting. Remember that us personal trainers at Diets Don’t Work recommend he wholefood nutrition plan, just stay away from processed man made foods.

So back to coffee…in January it was given a knock with research showing that even a moderate amount can signifigantly increase the risk of miscarriage. In a study in California pregnant women who drank 200mg a day (the same as 2 cups of instant) had a 25% risk of miscarriage, double that of non drinkers. So what’s good for some populations (see our previous blog on the benefits of coffee) is not so good for others.

Remember that most of our reps level 3 trainers are pre and post natal qualified, so we can advise if you would like to stay healthy in or after pregnancy, as well as giving yourself the highest chance of a quick and (relatively) easy birth!

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