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Things they said were good for us in 2008

By January 28, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

Not long to go now everyone, just a couple of blogs left looking back to 2008 and what we learned was both good and bad for us. Broccoli, already known as a powerful anti-oxidant and weapon against cancer got a further boost to it’s reputation in February when research on rats suggested that it also protects against heart disease. The important thing as with most vegetables is to be careful how you cook it. The more vegetables are cooked the less of their natural nutrients remain, so the best thing is to have it lightly steamed, or if you can handle it go for it raw, which I actually quite like, but I have to say that, I’m a personal trainer!! Seriously though, try some mackerel or tuna, stick in some salad, lash it with balsamic, throw in some olive oil (careful, calorie dense, so only a bit), add some English mustard, black pepper and some raw broccoli and hey presto you’ve got a super tasty lunch that’s very healthy and good for you too!! There are loads more insider personal trainer tips in our nutrition fact sheet pdf on the knowledge page.

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