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Top 5 summer activities to burn calories (Olympic style)

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It may be too late to get that Giselle/Tom Daley tummy but you can still be fit and healthy by trying one of our top 5 summer activities to burn calories (Olympic style).

Stand up paddle boarding1 – Stand up paddle boarding. Known by those in the know as SUP, stand up paddle boarding is actually much easier than it looks. The boards are very wide and stable, so it’s (fairly) easy to stay on. It’s a great way to get out on the water and you will burn around 150 calories in just ½ an hour’s paddling. You will also add lots of cool points. You can hire them at many locations throughout the UK and lessons are available: Check out the BSUPA for more details. Not in the olympics yet, but it’s only a matter of time….

Maria Clara and Carol (BRA)

Maria Clara and Carol (BRA)

2 – Beach Volleyball. You don’t have to be 8ft tall to play, so take inspiration from the Rio Olympics and have a go. No beach nearby? You can still play on a lawn or in your local park. Nets can be bought online and if you really want to be serious you can join a proper club at Volleyball England.  Massive calorie burn at 255 in just 30 minutes. And don’t forget the beach volleyball festival at Poole harbour


Badminton Lawn

3 – Lawn Badminton. Go for your own personal gold on the lawn with some badminton. Nets are really easy and cheap to buy, and you don’t need the latest carbon fibre rackets to play. Great fun for all the family, especially if there’s a bit of a breeze!!! Insider tip – if it’s a little windy, weight the shuttle down with some blue tack stuck inside the cone. You can even join a local club to make sure your children don’t keep beating you. See more at badminton UK

5 a side women4 – 5 a side football. A great way to socialise and also burn some calories, there are hundreds of 5 a side football clubs in the uk. But you don’t need fancy astro turf to play, just get a couple of t-shirts for a small goal and get into some no-goalie 3 a side action in the park…or even in the car park! If you want to take it to the next step try the Powerleague. Burn a whopping 300 calories in ½ an hour.


cycling5 – Cycling. Accessible, healthy, sociable and a great way to see your area. Plus you’ll have bragging rights over any foreign cyclists you may see for the next 4 years. Get your lycra on or just head to the park with your kids. Torch through 200 calories every ½ hour as you travel greenly through the country…or city!




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