Total benefits of lifestyle changes

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We have had a look at the benefits of exercise, today I’ll go through the total benefits of all the lifestyle changes you can make when added together. At Diets Don’t Work we approach fitness not just from a personal training angle but also try to adapt your lifestyle in an achievable way so that you get the all-round benefits of exercise AND a healthy lifestyle.

The NIH (2003) developed the following lifestyle measures for reducing high blood pressure, and also gives the actual amount that you can expect your blood pressure to come down by:

Weight reduction, maintaining a BMI of 18-24, gets you a reduction of 5-20mmHg per 10kg loss.

Nutritional changes and following the wholefood diet gets you 8-14mmHg

A reduction of salt intake, sodium of less than 2.4g/day gets you 2-8mmHg

Engaging in some exercise as outlined in the previous blog gets you  2-10mmHg

Moderation of alcohol gets you 2-4mmHg

Smoking cessation gets you 10-15mHg

So if you do ALL of these changes that’s a possible grand total change of a whopping 71mmHg less that your blood pressure will be. So go for it, make some changes, it will not only make your BP better and lessen the chances of a horrid death, but you will feel and look much better both mentally and physically too.


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