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Tricep Dips Will get Rid of my Bingo Wings. Fitness myths Explained by Adam Atkinson Our Personal Trainer in Windsor, Maidenhead and Bracknell

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False. Mostly. I have slightly covered this one already in the fitness myths blog where we looked at spot toning. You cannot train a particular area of the body and then have that area alone be fat free and sexy. If you can get up out of an armchair, and push yourself up with your arms then you have triceps. If you did not then your arm would be a flubbery mess incapable of movement. The problem is that the flabby bingo wings are covering up these muscles. Yes, by doing lots of upper arm exercises you can tone and build the muscle, but it will still be covered up with fat. Only be creating a deficit in the energy you take in and put out will you make the body burn fat and thus reveal the fab arms underneath. The best way of doing this is to eat a good clean wholefood diet, ommiting processed sugars, flour and processed carbohydrates. Dips are a great exercise and will tighten the back of the arms but they are not enough on their own. A basic exercise regime of CV and weights combined with sensible eating is what’s needed. There is a free exercise programe on our knowledge page, where yours truly goes through the exercises on video.

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