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Trying for a baby? Relax…

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Couples anxious to conceive have long been advised  not to get too worked up about it, and the advice is sound according to latest research. In a small study carried out by Oxford University, researchers found that women with the highest levels of adrenaline in their bodies were 12% less likely to conceive in the first month of trying than those with less of the “fight or flight” hormone. “The findings support the idea that couples should try to stay as relaxed as possible about trying for a baby” says Dr Cecilia Pyper, who led the study. “For some people it might be relevant to look at relaxation techniques, counselling and even approaches like yoga and meditation”.  Worries and stresses especially about chances of conception are counter productive, and remember that there are many mental gains to physical exercise.

Many of our London personal trainer clients show that after just 6 weeks of training they not only feel better physically but are mentally stronger, more relaxed and more confident. We also provide pre and post natal training for our clients. This has lots of benefits for both mum and baby-have a look on our pre and post natal page on the “what we do” page.

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