Unique training methodologyUnique training methodology

All our training sessions use a standardised system that is time-efficient and gets the most out of each hour we spend with you. All the components of fitness are covered in each session: warm-up, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, cool down and flexibility are all integrated for balanced and rapid fitness gains.

The Diets Don’t Work unique system combines pad-box, step, shuttles, PHA (peripheral heart action) and plyometrics into 5 minute blocks that are challenging but fun and adaptable for beginners and advanced. This means you get an efficient workout with no “what’s next?” or wandering around. This interval training really works and we can build in as much recovery as you need if you are just starting.

Advanced techniques for the advanced!

As you progress and become fitter, our trainers introduce advanced techniques like super-setting, pyramids, matrix 21s and circuit-based routines for maximum calorie burn in a short space of time. It’s not just about telling you what to do either. As we work together all these systems will become tools in your toolbox that you can use on your own for time-efficient homework that fits into your life.

Inventive training for different spaces

No gym equipment? As home training specialists we are inventive and imaginative. Stairs, steps, corridors, railings and furniture are all effective workout tools. We are also experienced in using outdoor terrain and park furniture to give you a fun, challenging session unlike anything that you might find in the gym.