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Using the Energy Systems for Weight loss with Resiatance Training

By August 3, 2009 October 20th, 2011 No Comments

So, now that we are experts in energy systems, we can have a look at how the clever personal trainer manipulates them to make someone thinner and stronger all at once. The different energy systems have different fuel sources, and if we look at the diagram in the last blog we can see that the only one that burns fat is the Oxygen system, and it does this in a “carbohydrate flame. The oxygen energy system is also the dominant one from 0-60% of maximum exertion, so it follows that while we are going about our everyday lives we are mainly using this O2 system. It also follows that a person’s metabolic rate (the rate that your body converts energy stores into working energy) will influence how many calories are used every day by this fat consuming O2 system. Metabolic rate outside of exercise, i.e. for most of the time is influenced by how much lean muscle you have.

Let’s look at this example: an overweight person and a muscly fit person sit for 4 hours watching TV. The muscles are a bit like an engine in a car, they are always ticking over, being repaired, refuelled, using calories. So the muscly person will use more energy while watching TV than the overweight person with less lean muscle. You could say that the muscly person has a bigger engine that the fat one. He will use more calories, and these calories are burned by the O2 system, and so part of the fuel used is fat. 

Thus, when a diets Don’t Work Personal trainer takes on a new client desperate for some pre wedding weight loss, it’s super important to make them do some resistance training. This will start to build and tone lean muscle, targeting the O2 system, and making them burn more fat all day every day. Not only that but the resistance training will also make them functionally stronger, give them denser bones, improve joint stability, lessen the risk of injury, and regulate appetite. A winner all round really. So remember that resistance is never futile, and a VITAL part of any fitness programme, no mater what your goals are!

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