Doing the Great North Run

“I went to Diets Don’t Work because, having spent four months getting nowhere with my training for the half-marathon 2006 Great North Run, I knew I needed to get help. Trainer Annie was happy for my dog Mickey to join us on our runs and always made our sessions fun and different. She encouraged me to do more than I thought I could do, but she also never gave me a hard time if I just couldn’t do it. After two sessions a week for three months Annie gave me such confidence that I did the Great North Run in my target time of 2hrs 30mins 04secs.  It was a very hard run for me but every time it got tough I would remember Annie’s refrain “focus on my core” and somehow that made it easier again and off I would go.
I can’t speak highly enough of having Annie as my trainer – there’s no way I would have done the run without her.  She also helped me become so much better about my food and I have slimmed my shape so that suddenly clothes that hadn’t been near me for years are now fitting!  With all those benefits, I couldn’t bear the thought of not having Annie as my trainer!  So now we meet once a week and the sessions continue to be fun and always leave me with a sense of achievement. From a 2 second plank I’m now up to a 60 second plank – how cool is that?”

Disclaimer: please note that results may vary from person to person. You will need to be reasonably dedicated, take on board our nutritional advice and work hard (for your level) in the sessions.