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Life expectancy is in the waist measurement

By September 19, 2014 No Comments

1322203911514_ORIGINALOut this week is the news that yet another study has shown that waist measurement, as opposed to weight, is the most important guide to health and longevity.

Researchers have come up with a simple formula to deduce how long a person will live for, and how many years you will lose if you are overweight. Measure your waist (without breathing in). If this measurement is half your height or less than you should live to the average life expectancy of 81 in the UK. However, every inch that you are over will represent time that you will have cut off your life. So if a 30 year old man who is 5’10’’ has a waist measurement of 35 inches then he will be likely to live to the age of 81. But, if his waist is 42 inches than his life expectancy drops by 1.7 years. As people get closer to obesity, so the equation becomes more harsh. If the same man has a waist of 56 inches then he loses 20 years, dying at the age of 61.

The research by the Cass Business School in London was based on the medical records of 300,000 adults over 20 years. A high waist circumference is also considered to be a useful indicator of high cholesterol, probability of suffering from diabetes and a higher likelihood of heart disease.

Ongoing assessments with a DDW personal trainer includes body fat %, waist to height measurements and of course structured exercise coupled with healthy eating. This will ensure that you go well past the average 81!!

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