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Well done Personal Training clients

By September 26, 2008 December 13th, 2011 No Comments

Today just a big well done and a quick mention to a few of our personal training clients. We have a few regulars who I would like to mention, and not just because of their commitment and determination, but also because of their consistency. Although we do have a few PT ers who seem to like to cancel at the last minute, there are those who turn up for training wth a smile whatever the weather and even if they feel a bit tired/stressed out from work/battered by the demands of their family. In fact it’s worth thinking about the fact that exercise and therefore personal training gives you more energy both physicaly and mentally, so when you feel most likely to postpone a session or not go out for a jog or walk, is actually when you need to do something the most!

First up Diana T who ran ANOTHER personal best around Virginia Water (near Wentworth) in 53:20, and who seems to do a PB almost every time she goes out. It’s also worth noting that she could only run for 64 seconds when we started with her in April! We have made her a bet that by Christmas she will do it in sub 50 minutes, so keep it up!

Secondly well done to Gurinder W who is Mrs consistent and only ever misses a personal training session if an arm is hanging off or something. Not surprisingly she looks half her age.

Lastly, well done to Wendy B for keeping going even through the sleepless nights (new nipper!) and for throwing away those chocolate biscuits! We just need to get a Starbucks restraining order now and we’re away!



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